Kimi Matias Räikkönen

26.August 2007: sorry for no update - Holidays :)
Kimi ended 2nd at the Turkish GP in at Istanbul Otopark, winner is Felipe Massa, 3rd Fernando Alonso
24. July 2007: new picture in the gallery - a proud granny: Sirkka Räikkönen
22. July 2007: Kimi retired in lap 34 with a hydraulic failure. Changing weather conditions with heavy rainfalls after the first 4 laps and a restart after the 4 drivers DNF in 1 corner. The winner is Fernando Alonso (McLaren)/ESP, 2nd Felipe Massa (Ferrari)/BRA, 3rd Mark Webber (RedBull Racing)/AUS
21. July 2007: Kimi set the pole on Nürburgring
update: 2 more pictures in the gallery, 5 more pictures in the gallery
08. July 2007: Kimi won Silverstone GP ahead of 2nd Fernando Alonso/Spain, 3rd Lewis Hamilton/GB
07. July 2007:
Kimi finished qualification 2nd behind Lewis Hamilton/GB
30. June 2007:  Kimi won the french GP in Magny-Cours, 2nd is Felipe Massa, 3rd Lewis Hamilton
30. June 2007: Interview of Qualy Press Conference (German) read it here
30. June 2007: Kimi ended 3rd in todays qualification read the results of the qualy here
29. June 2007:
Kimi ended quickest in the first free practise session and 2nd in the second free practise session.
28. June 2007: first Kimi picture from Magny-Cours  
28. June 2007: Kimi attempting at the press conference today at the French GP in Magny-Cours
27. June 2007: Kimi portrait in Finnish language  
27. June 2007:
Kimi at Ferrari party in Maranello picture , Kimi at Ferrari Party in Maranello picture 2
22. June 2007:
Interview Kimi
21. June 2007:
Interview in German
18. June 2007:
news result US GP, 1 picture screenshot of Kimi in the gallery
16. June 2007: news result qualification
12. June 2007: page is online


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